Escargò, a pedal-assisted tricycle equipped with multi-purpose cargo is an innovative zero-impact prototype, which lends itself to the most diverse entrepreneurial initiatives: street food, sustainable mobility, logistics.
Escargò is powered by batteries and equipped with photovoltaic panels, so it is a zero emission vehicle that can move freely in pedestrian areas, and in urban areas with limited traffic. It is also completely customizable with specific equipment and accessories to be custom designed with the company logo.


Discover all the possible applications, then close your eyes and imagine what your business could be with Escargò.


Escargò represents an innovative promotional vehicle that adapts itself to the unconventional communication operations at the service of the big brands.
The image return is guaranteed by the particularity of the vehicle, by the possibility of customizing the vehicle with logos and inserting monitors on the side parts of the rear compartment.
Moreover, it can act as a promotional corner and infopoint as well as mobile communication support.


The possibility to accessorize the vehicle with all kinds of equipment and with the complete design of the rear compartment, make Escargò a particularly suitable vehicle for the street food sector.
The vehicle allows entrepreneurs to position their business in highly frequented areas, such as urban centers.
Furthermore its captivating aesthetics is able to generate great public curiosity.


Escargò is very useful for transport operations within limited traffic areas: it can favor the restock of businesses operating in city centers, or represent a valid tool for companies that deal with logistics and deliveries.
Moreover, Escargò can be an efficient public institutions’ ally for waste collection operations: the rear compartment can accommodate up to 4 bins.


Sustainable mobility, especially when applied to tourism, is a booming sector, always looking for new ideas.
Escargò adapts perfectly to this type of use, in fact, its rear compartment can be equipped with passenger seats, making the vehicle a perfect zero-emission city taxi, usable for guided tours.


Escargò can be a valuable ally for public institutions involved in waste collection operations, especially when it comes to serving limited traffic areas.
The rear compartment of the vehicle can accommodate up to four containers for separate waste collection.


Among other functions, the escargò can also serve as a traveling shop. In fact, Escargò can be used as a moving kiosk, useful for any kind of commercial activity, maintaining its prerogatives of sustainability and ease of movement.

Escargò: this smart, sustainable machine
can take up a part of our future.

Michele Buonomo
President of the Legambiente Campania

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